Monday, February 23, 2009

Kiroro to freshen up your day

Kiroro first debuted in 1996. This sweet dynamic duo of vocalist Chiharu Tamashiro and pianist Ayano Kinjo captivated Asia with their song - MIRAIE...

I don't understand a word in Japanese except maybe Sayonara and Tora Tora Tora but the melody is certainly made in paradise...

A good song to start your day.... Cheers...


Ong Yujing said...

Dear blogger

This is my translations (and interpretations) for this song.

I hope it'll help you in appreciating this song better.


Face the future

Look! Pay attention to your steps
This, is the path you walk
Look! Pay attention to what's ahead
That, is your future

My mum had showered me with lots of affection
"Embrace love, and move on!" She said time and again
Still young and immature back then, I didn't even know its (meaning / significance)
While I was clueless, she held my hand
And walked with me to come this far

As dreams are always high up in the sky
Beyond reach, it's really scary. Still, I'll continue to pursue my dreams
It's my own story. For this very reason, I don't want to give up
Whenever I felt uneasy, she held my hand
And walked with me to come this far

I, who had disliked that affection at times,
Can no longer be that pure, innocent girl before my departed mum

★repeat ●repeat ★repeatX2

Let's face the future
As we walk on, step by step

Chironex said...

Kiroro is one of my favourite Japanese artistes - and they come from Okinawa - possibly the best place to live in the world.

I think their best ever song is Nagai Aida.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Dear Ong Yujing.... thanks very much for the translation..... it was a beautiful song indeed and beutiful lyrics too

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

kiroro best song is Nagai Aida???? not Mirae??????? aiyaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Not Mirai E. Here's another excellent Kiroro-like song, "Arigato" by Kokia, which I discovered by accident while walking around in KL in April 2007.

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