Monday, February 16, 2009

Japanese Finance Minister denies being drunk at the G7 summit

Japan's finance minister is facing calls for him to resign amid claims he was drunk at a recent G7 meeting.

Shoichi Nakagawa has apologised for his behaviour but blamed cold remedies for a slurred performance at a news conference in Rome at the weekend.

He said he had not drunk more than a sip of alcohol before facing the media.

Despite opposition calls for him to quit, Mr Nakagawa said Prime Minister Taro Aso had asked him to stay on in his job and be careful of his health.

The news conference followed a meeting of finance ministers focussing on the current world economic crisis.

Footage showed Mr Nakagawa slurring his speech and closing his eyes repeatedly as if he was dozing off.

At one point, he mistook a question aimed at the governor of the Bank of Japan as one intended for him.

"It's embarrassing," said Democratic Party Secretary General Yukio Hatoyama. "This has sent a message to the whole world. He's damaged the national interest."

But Mr Nakagawa said it would not affect Japan's standing or its relations with other G7 members.

(morale of the story - drink at will AFTER the Press Conference, not BEFORE)!!!!!


Annoymous said...

Japanese people are always intriguing.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

i think he finished 2 bottles of vodka - straight and dry

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