Sunday, February 1, 2009

Xu Jinglei, the most popular blogger in the world...!!!

Meet Xu Jinglei, the most popular blogger the internet world can offer...

She blogged about this cat recently...!!!
Guess what, her recent entry in her blog dated 30 Jan 2009 was about cats… yeahhh cats…. I think so and I’m unsure wether it was about male or female cats…..

She writes in Chinese, so it seems not everybody can read in that language (including me), so I was just guessing that “cats” is the topic.

But her blog is very popular with more than 50 million hits, 2 years ago and may well into 100 million hits now…

She is beautiful, she is hot, sexy and she is the envy of bloggers… for she is arguably the most popular blogger in the world.

Catch her at

i repeat
The blogger - Xu Jinglei - from Beijing is a popular actress in China, alongside Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, and Zhang Ziyi.

According to Technorati, her Chinese language blog recorded the most incoming links of any blog in any language on the Internet.

Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs, competing with Google and Yahoo.
As of June 2008, Technorati indexes 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.

According to Xu's blog recorded 50 million hits as at August 2006, making her the most popular blogger in the world.

And by now, she may as well surpass the 100 million visits mark…

The film actress-director is now better known for her blog than her movies.

While working on her latest work Dreams May Come True, Xu detailed the film's daily progress in her blog and it has proven to be the most effective promotion.

No one can deny that Xu's blog has played a vital role in her success.

Before becoming a blogger, Xu Jinglei has won many coveted trophies as China best actress and director. Among them are :

2003 - Best Actress for Spring Subway, Far From Home and I Love You.

2003 - Best New Female Director (My Father and I) at the 23rd annual Chinese Golden Rooster Awards.

2004 - Best New Director and Best Actress (My Father and I) at the 4th annual Chinese Film Media Awards

2004 - Silver Shell for Best Director - A Letter from an Unknown Woman - at the 52nd annual Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival

"I didn't expect it to be so popular. An avalanche of clicks has encouraged me to keep writing," said Xu, adding that her blog is mainly aimed at promoting her films.

Xu, an actress-turned-director, first became famous overseas when she won a best director award for "Letter From An Unknown Woman" in the 2004 San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain.

She considers blog writing to be the most convenient and economic way of publicizing her films.
While busy shooting her latest movie "Dreams May Come True", which was released in China at the end of June, she detailed the filming process and her marketing plans into her blog.

Due to her monstrous popularity, many websites and bloggers in China seized the opportunity to make themselves well known as well.

Xu's blog took a mere 112 days to break domestic records with more than 10 million visits.

Since then, she updates her blog everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 posts a day if she is in a mood. (and if her boyfriend is not demanding her!!!!)

Articles about life, cats, dogs, movies, garfield, panda, banana, hawaii, and you know that girlie stuff and things like that, female fantasy, etc have drawn her legions of obsessed fans….!!!!

Visitors leave thousands of messages on her articles, applauding her open, free writing style, commenting on films or taking advantage of her popularity to advertise their own blogs or businesses.

According to a survey by, there were 16 million bloggers in China last year, mostly writing in Chinese .

Infact, the total number of Internet users in the world had surpassed One Billion, last December 2008 – a significant landmark in the history of the web, according to ComScore – a digital research firm.

And guess what, China accounts for the largest population of Internet users with nearly 180 million people going online in December last year.

This was followed by the US with 163 million internet surfers, Japan – 60 million, Germany & Britain – 37 million each and France with 34 million.

Also in December 2008, Google was the most frequently visited Web with 777.9 million unique visitors, followed by Microsoft sites (647.9 million vistiors), Yahoo! (562.6 million visitors), AOL and Wikimedia (both with 273 million surfers).

ComScore also said had grown by 127 % in the past year and welcomed 222 million visitors in December, making it the top social networking site in the world.

So for those who have yet to open your Facebook account profile, please do so or face the consequences…!!!! Hahahaha

Anyway, Xu Jinglei…. I LOVE… WOOO AIIIII NEEEEEE….

Don’t forget to catch her at



Annoymous said...

Great, when you have the support of all Chinese people in China, you're as good as being a starblogger

Marc said...

I have never even heard of her before, but well, what to do? China's population is so HUGE...

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

harmony - yes.. considering china's more than 1 billion population and close to 200 million internet users - xu jinglei is very fortunate - her popularity is boosted by the fact that she is a film star...

Marc - i myself never heard of Xu Jinglei.... but then the power of the internet meant that impossible can be possible.... cheers

Annoymous said...

Yeap, it's like a gold mine if you ever got popular there.

That's why everybody's talking about going China to invest.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

yess.... and for bachelors - going to China to find their respective bride...

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