Monday, February 23, 2009

After Earthshaker and Loudness, X-Japan conquered Japan!!!!!

X Japan is a Japanese band founded in 1982 by Toshimitsu "Toshi" Deyama and Yoshiki Hayashi. The group achieved its breakthrough success in 1989 with the release of their second album Blue Blood. They started out as a power/speed metal band and later gravitated towards a progressive sound, at all times retaining an emphasis on ballads. After three more albums, X Japan disbanded in 1997.

The group sold more than 20 million albums and is considered the best ever band group to ever come out of Japan, apart from Loudness and Earthshaker!!!!!!!!!!!

Even Junichiro Koizume loved this band when he was Prime Minister of Japan!!!!!


Chironex said...

I don't really like their heavier stuff, but when it comes to ballads, OMG they are truly world class - dare I say the greatest ever out of Asia, defeating Harahap/Hutagalung, Bartje Van Houten, M Nasir etc etc.

Say Anything and Tears are 2 of their greatest songs.

I discovered them by accident in 1997. 3 years later I was impressing the Japanese at a karaoke room singing Tears and other X-Japan songs!!!

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

i learnt about x-japan from u datooooooooo aiyaaaaaaaaaa

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