Monday, February 23, 2009

desperate Tamil Tigers launched kamikaze attack

LTTE Supremo - Vellupillai Prabakharan

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or LTTE in Sri Lanka, in a desperate attempt to fight its losing battle against the Sri Lankan armed forces, launched a kamikaze attack - 9/11 style into the hearts of Colombo.

Such suicide attack freshen our memory of the 11 September 2001 event that shocked the world when 4 passenger airlines, hijacked by Al-Qaeda operatives led by Mohammad Atta, slammed into the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon and another crashed, killing thousands of innocent people.

Yesterday, an explosive laden light plane of the LTTE Air Force Squadron - called the Air Tigers - slammed into the Sri Lankan Tax building, causing huge damage but minimal human casualties.

The pilot, who died carrying out the suicidal mission, was a Colonel in LTTE.

He truly devoted himself to the legendary supreme leader of the LTTE, Vellupillai Prabakharan.

Another LTTE Air Tigers aircraft was shot down near Colombo airport.

Prabakharan’s LTTE has been fighting Sri Lankan forces since 1983.

His aim – to establish an independent Tamil state for the minority ethnic Tamils, free from the Sinhalese majority controlled government.

However, the Sri Lankan armed forces has launched a non stop big scale operation to crush Prabakharan and his men, bombarding and attacking the LTTE positions from all directions using heavy artilleries, bombardier aircrafts, attack planes and helicopters and battle ships, gunship, rockets and any other weaponry.

The LTTE is now cornered in their stronghold, north east of Sri Lanka by more than 50,000 Sri Lankan soldiers.

Prabakharan whereabouts is still a mystery but the LTTE vowed not to surrender and continue fighting even though they suffered heavy casualties.

The LTTE has its own elite commando unit called the Black Tigers, created by Prabakharan to specially carry out suicide mission, more accurately suicide bombers.

The elite Black Tigers launched its first suicide attack against a Sri Lanka Army camp, killing 40 soldiers in 1987.

It was said to be the first ever suicide bomber attack in the world.

Hamas drew inspiration from the LTTE attack and carried out its own suicide bombing in Israel.

Todate, the LTTE have carried out more suicide bombings than Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaeda combined.

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