Monday, December 26, 2011

Orang Utan locked up in small cage in solitary confinement in the Melaka Zoo?

I received this photos of an Orang Utan, Malaysia's endangered primate, locked up in a tiny cage in solitary confinement, through email and i feel it is worth sharing.

According to the sender of the email, this happens at the Malacca or Melaka Zoo.

The email said :

Investigators returning to Melaka Zoo (Malaysia) this week found orangutans abandoned in tiny cages with no enrichment and no company. Not unlike conditions seen on previous visits.

Malaysia’s only great ape, a protected species deserving of an iconic status in Malaysia, treated like rats.

Shiva Lucian from Nature Alert said, “I felt like crying when I saw these orangutans caged like this. I ask myself, why is it my country allows such cruelty to continue? If anything, things have got worse at this zoo since our last report to Perhilitan.

What we see here is cruelty, against our law and it must be punished.”

Melaka Zoo is no stranger to criticism. Nature Alert has filed several reports to Perhilitan, all ignored, which is why this abject cruelty continues.?

Besides orangutans, the zoo has been sharply criticised by others for the extremely cramped conditions in its quarantine area. Animals are brought into this centre from closed down zoos, never again to be seen. Where are these animals now? What happened to all those tigers from Saleng Zoo?

Sean Whyte, CEO Nature Alert said, ‘The Melaka Zoo management must be prosecuted for this cruelty. It’s no use Perhilitan sitting in their cosy air-conditioned offices with their eyes wide shut. They are paid to enforce the law, but as we know, they only do so when stung into action by public criticism. What’s the point of the new law if they won’t enforce it.

In the summer of this year Melaka Zoo were given four orangutans taken from the A’Famosa Resort where they had been very badly treated for 12 months. Is there no zoo in Malaysia capable of caring properly for orangutans? It seems not. In neighbouring Singapore, where orangutans are not native, the Singapore Zoo treats this majestic species like royalty, so why won’t Malaysia do the same?

The email also provided a You Tube link apparently showing an Orang Utan in a tiny cage, always locked up.


Actually there is a world class Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre in Malaysia, located in Sepilok near Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia.

This centre is world famous.

If Melaka Zoo cannot handle the Orang Utans there, then why not send those endangered primates to Sepilok in Sabah?

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