Friday, June 10, 2011

Akademi Fantasia host, Aznil Nawawi saves man from Ah Long and suicide

Super popular Malaysian TV host, Aznil Nawawi turned into a Good Samaritan, recently.

He saved a young man who wanted to commit suicide because of mounting debts.

According to news report, the distraught man could not bear harassment from Ah Long or illegal moneylenders and wanted to take his own life.

But the man is still alive until today after he was talked out of it by none other that the super-famous Akademi Fantasia 7 host Aznil Nawawi (pictured above).

Harian Metro reported that Aznil, 48, talked the 28-year-old out of committing suicide and got MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong to mediate with the Ah Long, who agreed to stop harassing the man if the principal sum of RM1,000 was paid back.

Aznil gave the man the RM1,000 to clear his debt.

The celebrity came into contact with the man when the latter sent an SMS to Era FM radio during the Merisik Khabar programme.

“The man said he wanted to end his life as he could not repay the loan,” Aznil said.

Aznil said he contacted the man after reading the SMS and told him to make a police report and not give up on life.

“He called me again and told me that he had made the police report but was being followed by the Ah Long. I told him to come straight to the radio station,” Aznil said.

The victim took a RM1,000 loan eight months ago and was forced to pay RM150 every day until such time the amount has been paid off.

The interest alone ballooned to RM5,000.

Crazy... you borrow RM1,000 and yet you are forced to pay RM4,500 monthly until the end of your life.

Infact these Ah Longs or illegal money lender will not be satisfied even if you pay RM 1 million ringgit against a RM1,000 debt. These amounts to a whopping and gigantic interest rate of 5,000% per annum!!

Banks are also at fault, their failure to provide simple loans to the public results in them seeking the help of illegal money-lenders or known as Ah Longs in Malaysia.

Ah Longs give loans easily but nobody can afford to pay back if the interest rate is 5,000 % per annum. it's super crazy and illogical.

Below is a popular song on Ah Longs in Malaysia by 2 well known artistes, Afdlin Shauki and the late Din Beramboi.

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