Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another proof that some Singapore armed forces are softie

The carrying of backpacks for national servicemen in Singapore continues to make the news.

The latest comes on Thursday, 30 Jun 2011 when a reader of the popular Singapore citizen journalism website Stomp sent a picture of a serviceman in army uniform, making an older man - believed to be his father - carry his backpack.

The reader - Danny - told Stomp: "At about 3pm yesterday (Wednesday 29 Jun 2011), as my friends and I were going to Northpoint in Yishun for lunch, I saw yet another army boy making his father carrying his bag for him.

"This is definitely unacceptable!"

In March 2011, a reader had sent to Stomp, a picture of a national serviceman making his maid carry his army backpack.

It sparked a national uproar (that spilled over to Malaysia) and the Ministry of Defence counselled him after he had identified himself to his commander.

The photograph made its rounds on the Internet and generated much debate about whether Generation Y soldiers in Singapore are too 'soft' and 'spoilt'.

In this latest case, should the parent or older person share the blame too?

In real Warfare, will the enemy laughed at these softie Singaporean army personells??

Could these soft soldiers handle Machine Guns, Artilleries and Rocket Propelled Grenades, bombs and grenades??

Will they yell softly at every sound of gunfires or bombs??

To me army personell should look like these combo pictures below :

But not like these below!!! :

Oh Come on.. Sissy guys or softies guys should not be allowed to join the national services, if they cannot even carry their backpacks, what more engaging the enemies in real life combat!!!

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