Friday, June 3, 2011

'It's extremely embarrassing': Playboy star Kendra Wilkinson on her sex tape

'It's extremely embarrassing': Playboy star Kendra Wilkinson said on her sex tape which surfaced sometimes in 2010.

'It's extremely embarrassing. I am a very open person, I am very honest about my life, but a sex tape was definitely not what I wanted in my life.

'It wasn't for anybody else's eyes to see except for ours.'

She said that in an intrerview E! News.

Wilkinson, 24, was 18 years old when she made the sex tape with then-boyfriend Justin Frye.

The film is made from a series of sex tapes the 24-year-old made before she became the girlfriend of Playboy boss Hugh Hefner and found fame.

Kendra is married to American football player Hank Baskett.

Well.. Kendra... You are so good on bed... and you are breathlessly beautiful and breathtaking.. Nothing to be ashamed of!!!

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