Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aki Hoshino, among Japan sexiest and beautiful women alive

We used to see beautiful and sexy Japanese women, wether in theatres, in movies, videos or magazines or even in the entertainment industry.

However, one woman stood out among them all.

She is Aki Hoshino.

This beautiful product of mankind was born on March 17, 1977 in Tokyo, Japan and stands at 1.65 meter (5 feet 5 inches tall).

She authored a book titled "Hoshino Body" in 2010 to advice young female Japanese on how to apply proper makeup and "retain one's sexy and mouth-watering body shape.

Aki Hoshino is a popular bikini model and has appeared in numerous men's magazines as well as Television show in Japan.

She also appeared in 36 movies since 2002 till now.

She is so cute and men will fight each other just to get her and will die for her.

It is not known wether she is still single or has a special companion.

Sayonara Aki Hoshino.

What if your class teacher is like this??

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