Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last minute pull-outs by international stars could taint Malaysia's image

Beyonce was forced to cancel her October 2009, concert in Kuala Lumpur after wave of protests. The concert was supposed to be Beyonce's first ever show in Malaysia as part of her “I am….” World Tour, much to the dismay of her millions of crazy fans in Malaysia.

American Idol sensation Adam Lambert was fortunate. The Master of Glam King entertained and rocked 16,000 strong full-house Malaysian crowds at his 'Glam Nation Tour' Live in Malaysia, held at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil on 19th October 2010.

Despite a pathetic attempt to stop the concert by an Islamic opposition party outside the Stadium, the openly gay Adam went on with his highly-charged concert, mesmerising the crowd with his costumes, theatrics and powerful, soaring vocals.

Numerous international artistes and mega stars have cancelled their performances in Malaysia solely on the basis of local protests.

They include Beyonce and Michael Jackson as well as Scorpions in the past.

Others include controversial Dangdut artiste from Indonesia, Inul Daratista, known for her povocative gyrating moves.

This has hurt the local music industry in Malaysia as well as depriving their millions of fans from Malaysia to see their idols live.

However certain international artistes were fortunate as they were welcome to perform in Malaysia.

And these include Michael Learns to Rock who has performed in Malaysia a dozen times including a sold out show in Kota Kinabalu in December 2009.

And now, on 9th June 2011, Jascha Ritcher and the gang are currently perfoming a series of concerts in Penisular Malaysia.

Justin Bieber also made it, he mesmerized thousands of his fans in his Malaysian debut on April 21 2011.

Teen sensation Justin Bieber performed in Malaysia for the 1st time on 21st April 2011.

In view of this, organisers of concerts involving international artistes in Malaysia should be well informed of the country's regulations, especially pertaining to dress code, said Malaysia Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.

This would prevent last-minute cancellations by the artistes, despite approval from the authorities, which could taint Malaysia's image.

"When the private sector invites them to perform in Malaysia, all conditions must be stated very clearly," Dr Ng was quoted by the media on 9th June, 2011.

She said Malaysia aimed to become a favoured venue for international events in the entertainment industry, so invited artistes withdrawing at the eleventh hour because of pressure from certain quarters in the country could affect Malaysia's image.

Ng was asked to comment on the upcoming MTV concert at i-City Shah Alam being objected to by opposition party PAS.

Well as long as PAS which preaches strict Muslim pactices in Malaysia is still in existence, the protests will be heard over and over again. But interestingly, neighbouring Brunei which also practises strict Islamic pactices, did invite Michael Jackson to perform live at Jerudong Park, Brunei in 1996.

Brunei practises strict Islamic values, you will find no alcohoclic drinks or gambling outlets in Bandar Seri Begawan. There is also zero entertainment outlets there. No. not even underground outlets.

So Brunei and Malaysia, what are we talking about?

Double standards or indifferent treatments??

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