Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miss Bikini Chimelong

I have never heard of Miss Bikini Chimelong held every year in China.

But i am sure those girls who participate in that Miss Bikini Chimelong are all sexy, hot and mouth-watering.

Participants came from all over China.

Rewind Miss Bikini Chimelong 2009 and we had a winner, Yin Mi.

Yin Mi has a super hot body and that is why she won the title.

Some pictures here. Enjoy.

From left to right > Kuang Huali (1st runner-up), Yin Mi (middle-winner) and Wang Meng 3rd place - right) at the Chimelong Hotel on August 21, 2009.

This sexy beauty is known as Zhong Xixianlan - 钟茜剑蓝, 20 from Jiangxi

And this is our winner, Yin Mi - 尹蜜, 19 from Guangdong

Winner Yin Mi with her parrot during the animal contest (what?? got animal contest some more here!!!)

They are all lovely, aren't they??? Chinese women are definitely hot and too hot to handle!!

1st Runner-up Kuang Huali, an angel in bikini

2nd Runner-up with her monkey during the animal contest

These beautiful girls will surely come back and compete to find out who is the fairest among them all, next year and the years to come..

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