Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brazil or Argentina will be World Cup Winner 2010

Come 2010, South Africa will host the World Cup football - the first time ever this tournament ever held in African continent.

And as usual, the top teams in the world like 5 time winner - Brazil, 2 time champ - Argentina, 4 time winner - Italy, 3 time world champion - Germany and one time winner France and England as well as top ranked teams such as Netherlands, Portugal and Spain are fans favourite to win the title as World Champion in 2010.

As for me, i bet the winner for the 2010 World Cup is either Brazil or Argentina.

Why ? follow the winners cycle since the 1962 tournament. For 46 years, It follows the same continous trend where teams from South America and Europe will each win the World Cup in a very exact sequence.

F0r example a team from South America won the world cup in 1962 whereas a team from Europe won it at the next tournament in 1966, and the winner for the next tournament in 1970 was a South American team again, followed by a team from Europe, then South America, then Europe, then South America again and then Europe again and so on. It follows the same cycle until now as shown below.

Year Winner

1930 Uruguay (South America)

1934 Italy (Europe)

1938 Italy (Europe)

1942 not held

1946 not held

1950 Uruguay (South America)

1954 Germany (Europe)

1958 Brazil (South America)

1962 Brazil (South America)


1966 England (Europe)

1970 Brazil (South America)

1974 Germany (Europe)

1978 Argentina (South America)

1982 Italy (Europe)

1986 Argentina (South America)

1990 Germany (Europe)

1994 Brazil (South America)

1998 France (Europe)

2002 Brazil (South America)

2006 Italy (Europe)

2010 (should be South America - Brazil or Argentina) WANNA BET? ANYBODY???


pinolobu said...

A team from Africa might win WC2010!

Anonymous said...

never in your wildest dream!!! it is like saying malaysia will win the World Cup!!! or Ithin Ratruspin beats Tiger Woods or even Sopok dribbled past Maradonna, Messi, Maldini, Nesta, Cannavaro and Gerd Muller and scored!!!!!!!

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