Monday, December 8, 2008

who is the most handsome James Bond of all time?

There are 6 actors who played the role as the suave British superspy with Licence to Kill..

SEAN CONNERY (Scotish - 6 ft 3 inches) born 1930

GEORGE LAZENBY (Australian, 6 ft 2 inches) born 1939

ROGER MOORE (British, 6 ft 1 inches) born 1927

TIMOTHY DALTON (British, 6 ft 2 inches) born 1946

PIERCE BROSNAN (Irish, 6 ft 1 inches / 1.87 m) born 1953

and DANIEL CRAIG (British - 5 ft 10 inches / 1.78 m) born 1968

And who is the most handsome 007...

my pick - Roger Moore

Pierce Brosnan...

George Lazenby in 2008

Sorry to all Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig fans....
the 3 Bonds (Dalton, Moore & Brosnan)
For me Roger Moore is truly Bond with great sense of humour too. His phrase "how do you kill 5 hours in Rio if you don't samba" while talking to a very sexy lady in a Rio De Janeiro hotel room, which means let's make love right away before my next "at her majesty's secret service" assignment in 5 hours time!!! remains my favourite quote... It is from the 1979 Bond movie "Moonraker".the eleventh spy film in the James Bond series, and the fourth to star Roger Moore as the MI6 agent Bond.
the 2 Bonds (Connery & Moore)

and what do all these Bonds share in common, apart from "shaken not stirred Vodka Martini" and passion for pretty ladies and the ability to dodge bullets ??? yes, they all share the same gun - a walther PPK ... a kind of short barelled pistol, built with the precision of British engineering...!!

Walther PPK

Senator Dato Jins Shamsuddin as Malaya's own superspy "Jefri Zain"

Malaysia did have its own version of James Bond movies in the 1960s and 1970s. The movies "Jefri Zain" starred Senator Dato Jins Shamsudin as Malaya's superspy.

Norman Hakim as Malaysia's 007?

Had "Jefri Zain" movie series been reproduced till now, i suggest the best actor to fit in as Malaysia's James Bond is Norman Hakim (no hard feelings Abby Abadi...)

or even Dato Yusof Haslam!!!

But this SAD looking guy below is Malaysia's if not Asia's very own 007 who proclaimed himself as the best looking Bond ever!! In this clip, he is seen zeroing on his nemesis with a super high tech binocular, custom made specially by Q!!


Anonymous said...

Pierce Brosnan of course!!!

Anonymous said...

roger moore and brosnan!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment mr pinolobu and mr chrisau... Yess you two are absolutely right.... Pierce Brosnan it is and roger moore.... by the way - can norman hakim be the James Bond of Malaysia??

Anonymous said...

Norman Hakim? He better sort out this amazing in-the-media-marriage-problems bickering first!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks mr p said. norman hakim has better sort out his marriage problems!!!

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