Sunday, December 7, 2008

barack obama and no smoking zone

Excuse me Mr President, you can't smoke in the White House... yes, change we can, believe in me... Barack Obama has been smoking since he was in the mid 20s and he is changing the bad habit. Reuters reported that the U.S. President-elect Barack Obama failed to give a straight answer when asked on a U.S. talkshow on Sunday whether he had managed to quit smoking.

In a country where cigarettes are responsible for 1 in 5 deaths and smoking costs tens of billions of dollars in health care, Obama has been under pressure to set an example by giving up his reported two-decade-old habit. (old habits die hard ehhhh!!)

But the question of what brand of cigarretes he smoke still lingers in my mind. I smoke Dunhill.

Obama was often observed on the presidential campaign trail chewing Nicorette gum, which helps ease the craving for nicotine. He has tried several times to quit.

The 47-year-old president-elect, who takes office on January 20, works out daily at the gym and sometimes plays basketball, and is fit to serve as U.S. president.
Gerald Ford, who served from 1974-77, was the last U.S. president to use tobacco on a regular basis. The White House no-smoking rule was imposed by former First Lady Hillary Clinton, now Obama's nominee for secretary of state...!!

But i bet there is no such no smoking zone at Fidel Castro's official residence in Havana!!!

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