Friday, December 5, 2008

case of too much aramai tiee heavy drinking bout) part II

view of downtown sandakan
news - source - daily express, sabah - friday 5 december 2008

Sandakan: When a 23 year old man took the microphone to croon at a coffeeshop-cum-karaoke on Wednesday 3rd December 08, little did he realise it was to be his swansong.

As he continued singing other songs and refused to hand over the microphone to fuming patrons who also wanted to show off their singing prowess, the stage was set for a different kind of showdown. He had sung his last song.

A heated argument led to a fisticuff outside the coffeeshop, ending in his murder in a five-foot path. He had sustained a stab wound in the chest. The incident occurred at 11.50pm.
The victim body was sent to the Duchess of Kent Hospital for post-mortem.
Sandakan police said two men, believed to have been patrons at the outlet, were arrested in connection with the murder.
Initial investigations had revealed that the victim had sung several songs at the outlet.
This left some patrons upset that he was hogging the microphone.
They confronted him, resulting in his murder.

My say - according to local sandakan folks - these kind of incidents happened many times in the past. People fighting after too much booze!!!!

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