Thursday, December 18, 2008

christmas in Hong Kong

Merry Christmas to everybody....

even santas are seen on taxi!!

beautifully decorated christmas trees in a shopping centre at Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon
These are some Christmas images captured during my recent visit to Hong Kong... Christmas is one of most anticipated festive season there, even tough not quite in the same magnitude as Kong Hee Fat Choy!!!! hehe
a unique christmas cake at Royal Plaza Hotel

more decorations in Royal Plaza Hotel lobby

people doing their shopping (Christmas shopping??) at Causeway Bay Street Market - equivalent to Malaysia's Petaling Street...

during Christmas, people will drink beer also. just like in Tamparuli or Tambunan or Kiulu - but their favourite beer are either Tsing Tao or this so called "Yanjing Beer" - note what if the letter "Y" is omitted...!!!!! Aramai tiee.. Yam Seng!!

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