Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bush deserves the shoes, because he is blind!!!

What George W. Bush and Ali bin Nasser have in common???

Answer - Both are blind!!!

Who is Ali bin Nasser ?

Ali Bin Nasser (born 2 March 1944) is a former Tunisian football referee.
He is probably best known for allowing the crucial Hand of God goal scored by Diego Maradona of Argentina versus England in the quarterfinals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico. Despite the ball being punched into the net, a move illegal in football, Bin Nasser allowed the goal. He would later claim in some interviews that it was due to a latent haemorrhoidal condition and the treatment he was receiving that caused his farsight vision to be somewhat unfocused.

Infact the whole world saw that Maradonna used his hand to punch the ball in.. but Ali bin Nasser never saw it because he is "blind".

And as for Bush, he justified his invasion of Iraq or the 2nd Gulf War in 2003, saying that he wanted to get rid the country of Weapon of Mass Destructions or WMD. In the end, after 5 years of invasion and occupation of Iraq that left thousands of innocent Iraqi dead, there are still no sign of the much sought after WMD. Infact there is no single WMD found in Iraqi soil until now.

But yet, Bush is blind.... people all over the world know that there is no WMD in Iraq except maybe a handful of Scud and Al Samoud II missiles that has all been destroyed.. Even the UNited Nations concluded the fact.

But... Yes George W. Bush is blind and thus he deserved the size 10 shoes thrown at him. It is appropriate for the crime he commits against humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

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