Friday, December 5, 2008

case of too much aramai tiee!!!! (heavy drinking bout)

sourced from sabah local newspaper - the daily express Friday 5 Disember 2008
He stuck his neck out to help stop a fight and almost lost it - literally. A grateful 36 year old father of six, admits being lucky to survive a life-threatening attack that left him with an almost severed neck at Kg Tombovo in Lok Kawi, Putatan, late Tuesday.
However, he forgives his friend who nearly ended his life, saying the latter was too drunk to realise what he did.
The victim, who is recovering in hospital, got in the way of two brawling friends, with the intention of calming them down, following a drinking session. Instead, a parang (machete) blow landed on his neck.
Speaking from his bedside at the Sabah Medical Centre, Thursday, he insisted that he harboured no ill-feelings towards the friend nor does he have any regret doing what he did.
"I think he was drunk, I hold nothing against him.
"I do not regret (trying to stop the fight) because they are, after all, my friends. I wouldn't have intervened if they weren't.
"Apa buli buat? (What to do?) No use regretting now,".
He managed to separate the two friends, both labourers at the Lok Kawi Zoo, at first but one of them (the one who slashed him) was not done and chased after the co-worker. He saw them running into a house and followed suit.
The suspect suddenly turned on him after failing to find his target who apparently slipped out through the back.
"It happened so fast," he said, recalling what happened that night. "I didn't even see him holding the parang and I can't remember him slashing me.
"The only thing I remember is dashing out of the house and then I felt something warm on my skin there was blood all over me," he said.
The rest of his drinking buddies rushed him to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
The suspect was arrested at his home at about 9.20am on Wednesday, several hours after police waited for his return.
The 38-year-old local has been remanded under Section 326 of the Penal Code for causing grievous hurt using a dangerous weapon.

My say - if you drink, just drink and enjoy yourself!!!

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