Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dinora Rodriguez, The woman with Bizarre breasts,

Dinora Rodriguez is a 40 year old woman from Los Angeles, California, USA.

Like every other woman, she wants ideal breasts, large and firm to please her man.

But a bizarre and botched plastic surgery meant to enlarge her breasts, turned into nightmare.

Her normal breasts now looks bizarre or better known as uni-boob!!

This is how her breasts look like before surgery.

After the surgery, her breasts look like this, her breasts conjoined by skin.

The distraught woman has gone public with her 'botched' breast enhancement operation in a bid to warn other women about the dangers of using an unqualified plastic surgeons.

To make matters worse, she also had a nip-tuck operation on her eyelids that has meant she is unable to close them permanently even while sleeping!!

The severity of her case resulted in Mrs Rodriguez being featured in a new advertising campaign by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, ASPS in an attempt to warn people about the dangers of using unqualified surgeons.

The ASPS want to warn people considering surgery to be on their guard against what they call 'white coat deception'.

A spokesman for the ABPS explained: 'Just because they have a white coat doesn't mean they are qualified to perform plastic surgery.'

'If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure it is critical that your doctor is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is the best way to be certain that he or she has completed the necessary training and meets certain standards to practice plastic surgery.'

Latest figures from the ABPS show that 1.6 million plastic surgery procedures were carried out in 2010.

They included over 300,000 breast augmentation, 289,000 liposuction and 138,000 breast reduction.

Other procedures included 152,000 eye surgery and 145,000 Abdominoplasty.

To women out there, beware. Instead of pleasing your men, you might end up frightening them with these bizarre breasts called uni-boob!!!!!!

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