Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alan Graham, probably the only man in the world who doesn't want to see Rihanna topless!!

Ask every normal man out there, do you want to watch Rihanna topless in your lawn or front yard??

To men, there answer is definitely yes.

But to Alan Graham, 61, a farm owner in Northern Ireland, the answer is "Hell No". And not only that, Old Mr Graham gave this marching order to Rihanna "Get off my Land..!!!"

Well the whole drama unfolded when Rihanna, the smash hit superstar from USA went to Bangor, Northern Ireland to film her latest music video "We found Love".

The production crews chose Mr Graham's farm as one of the locations for the raunchy video.

One scene saw her stripping her red handkerchief bra, showing off her adorable breasts for the world to see!!

Annoyed, Mr Graham who earlier gave permission for the filming to be done on his property, ordered the crews to stop and get the hell out of his property.

Mr Graham felt the breasts baring scene was too much and unacceptable!!

The old man also did not know who Rihanna was. He simply gave permission without knowing who is Rihanna and what is she going to do at his farm.

Well what happened to the rest of the filming in Northern Ireland??

I think the production crews chose other locations in the country, far away from Mr Graham's eyes because USA is far from Northern Ireland and they don't want to waste extra expenses.

Well all the best Rihanna and all the best Mr Graham.

By the way Rihanna, you can use my backgarden for free for the filming!!!

The filming of the music video

Old Mr Graham explanation

The Song "We Found Love"

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