Friday, September 16, 2011

Devil Son killed parents over house

A Devil Son in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia killed his eldery parents after an argument over the family house.

The 31 year old son heinous and crazy act caused the elderly couple to die a harrowing death after being stabbed.

The man also critically wounded his 37 year old sister.

The double tragedy happened in this house in Jalan Utara, Sandakan, about 10.45pm on Tuesday, 13th September 2011.

Yew Hiap Foh, 70, a retired bank officer and his wife in her late 60s were stabbed in their chest while their daughter, Yew Pui Lin, in the stomach after being threatened by the suspect.

Police said initial investigations showed the man was angry when his father refused his request to sell the house to get money to start a business.

The father also told him that the ownership of the house had been transferred to the man's sister.

The son who works as a vegetable grower had previously threatened to stab his parents if they refused to adhere to his request, Police said.

Pui Lin managed to contact her younger sister, 30, who lived at Taman Indah in Mile 4, Jalan Utara upon being stabbed.

The latter alerted the police but the elderly couple was pronounced dead when the police arrived.

Yew was found on the floor of his bedroom while Chu on a sofa in the sitting room.

Police arrested the suspect who tried to escape in a car, where a knife believed to be the murder weapon was also found.

Sandakan District Police Chief, ACP Rowell Marung said the suspect was believed drunk during the incident and had been declared bankrupt recently, forcing him to return to Sabah from Peninsula Malaysia.

Investigations are still ongoing while the deceased have been sent for a post mortem.

Pui Lin was sent to the Duchess of Kent Hospital, where she is reported to be in critical condition.

Poor family.

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