Thursday, September 29, 2011

English Football Stars and their mistresses

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand's mistress, Carly Storey, well Miss Storey has a story to tell...........

Professional soccer players in the English Premier League are best known as among the most popular and highest paid in the world. The English League is also among the best in the world, better than the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga.

The players are stars, everywhere they go, they will be hunted for autographs by fans. They are also being hunted by crazed female football fans.

So this is a story of English Premier League players and their respective mistresses.

Morale of the story, no matter how hard you hide those affairs, they will eventually be revealed or leaked.

Here are some football stars in England and their girlfriends, not wives.

Rio Ferdinand, the Manchester United and England utility defensive player, and married to Rebecca Ellison, reportedly has a mistress known as Carley Storey.

They were intimate since 1996. Apparently Ferdinand ended their steamy relationship in February 2010 after being promoted as the captain of England national team.

Jennifer Thomson, who allegedly had paid sex many times with Wayne Rooney

Rio Ferdinand's Manchester United and England team-mate, Wayne Rooney, married to Coleen McLoughlin, also had an affair with a 21 year old sex worker known as Jennifer Thomson. The affair reportedly happened when Coleen was expecting their son Kai.

Imogen Thomas

Another Manchester United star player, Ryan Giggs, married to Stacy, also had an explosive affair with a super sexy woman hotshot known as Imogen Thomas, the star of Big Brother.

Natasha with Ryan Giggs brother, Rodhri

Not only that, Giggs is also accused of having an affair with his own brother's wife, known as Natasha for 8 years before Natasha married Rodhri, Ryan Giggs brother!! But i don't know whether this is true or not.

Manchester United bitter rival, Chelsea players are also hot with steamy affairs revelations.

Vanessa Perroncel (left) allegedly bedded John Terry. John Terry is so strong in defence for Chelsea and England and also so strong in Bed!!

Chelsea captain and defense pillar, John Terry, married to Toni, reportedly has an affair with one hot girl, the French-born, Vanessa Perroncel.

But John Terry's team-mate, Ashley Cole has beaten them all. Ashley, married to Girls Aloud star, Cheryl, reportedly had steamy sex relationship with up to 5 different girls, known as hairdresser Aimee Walton in 2007, which was made public in 2008, a secretary at Liverpool FC, Vicki Gough ( i guess the secretary of Chelsea FC) was not good enough for Mr Cole), and even with a US political aide, Ann Corbit.

Others are glamour model, Sonia Wild (wild girls ehh) and Alexandra Taylor.

Hmmm.. I guess footballers have extra power sexual drive!!

These 5 girls below allegedly slept with Chelsea's Ashley Cole.. Wowww.. 5 girls Ashley... !!! It's Ashley Cole 5-0 Cheryl Cole...!!

Ann Corbit

Alexandra Taylor

Vicki Gough

Sonia Wild (wild woman hah)

Aimee Walton

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