Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Street justice in Guatemala

Street justice or Lynchings of criminals by the public are common in Guatemala.

In 2008, mobs have attacked more than 250 people, leaving at least 40 of them dead.

Seen in the picture above is a female Guatemalan, Alejandra Maria Torres who was stripped naked to the waist, was savagely beaten and put on fire by an angry lynch mob in the middle of a street in Guatemala City.

Her plea for mercy went unheeded.

Alejandra Maria Torres was part of an armed gang that tried to rob bus passengers in Guatemala City.

But as she tried to escape the passengers stripped and beat her before dousing her in petrol and setting her alight.

Police put out the flames and arrested her. Her three companions escaped.

Her fate is unknown.

Street justice is common in Guatemala. Hardcore Criminals such as Murderers, Robbers, Killers, Rapists and Kidnappers are often beaten and killed by mobs.

The mobs don't care whether the criminals are black, white, brown, male, female, shemale, half man half woman, half man half beast or Gay or Lesbian.

As long as they commit crime, then the punishments are swift and vicious, and done on the spot, without wasting public money to put those criminals in jail or giving them chances to defend themselves in the court of Law.

Criminals are a frequent target in Guatemala but officials are sometimes attacked too.

This included a judge who ordered a light sentence on a rape accused, thought by the public to be too lenient and was later bashed by the Guatemalan mobs.

The practice stems from the civil war of 1960 to 1996 when civil defence patrols carried out many of the murders in the state-sponsored genocide of Left-wing rebels, many of them peasants.

About 200,000 people died.

I guess criminals in Guatemala will think twice before committing crime.

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