Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gold and Diamond studded Cars in Dubai, Mumbai and around the world. Super Rich!!

This is a Gold Plated and Gold Studded car being exhibited in Mumbai, India.

The price tag >> A cool £2.9m pound sterling or roughly RM18 Million ringgit or USD6 million..

It is being manufactured by Indian's premier car manufacturers Tata, as a tribute to 5,000 years of Indian craftsmanship.

This Nano type car was made using 80 kilograms of 22 carat gold, 15 kilograms of silver and assorted gemstones.

This car is not for sale, but rather as a marketing tool and rather, to impress people!!

Well to me, that gold plated car in Mumbai is easily beaten by the Superior, Powerful, Grandier and More Stylish Gold and Diamond studded Cars in Dubai and other parts of Arabs.

Like this Gold Plated 4wd in Dubai as seen below :

Or can that Gold Plated car in Mumbai beat the Gold Plated Ferarri here :

And beat these Gold Mercs too?

Or beat this beauty below, a Golden Bentley??

Or this super rich, Diamond studded Mercedes??

Or this Gold Plated AK47 Assault Rifle??

Or this Gold Plated Aeroplane, reportedly owned by the Sultan of Brunei, once the world's wealthiest man???


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