Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anger over Indonesia airline's job breast checks

Both pictures of breasts examinations above are examples only, not the real case being written here.

This ain't funny. You cannot make young women strip naked during job interviews!!!!

But this happened.

On 24th August 2011, would-be flight attendants in South Korea have accused Indonesia's national airline, Garuda of making them strip nearly naked and have their breasts handled in medical check-ups, provoking a storm of criticism.

Several dozen candidates for 18 highly-coveted female flight attendant positions with Garuda Indonesia were required to strip down to their panties to screen out those with tattoos or breast implants.

One applicant told that story to the international Press Agency, AFP.

She declined to be named, saying she was still waiting to hear whether she had got a job after the tests last July 2011.

"The hand examination on breast was held since those with implants can have health issues when air pressure falls during flights," Yonhap news agency quoted an airline official as saying.

Cabin crew are banned from having tattoos and workers hired in other countries such as Japan and Australia were also subject to a similar process, the agency quoted the official as saying.

Garuda Indonesia's Seoul office denied part of the accusation, saying job applicants did not have to remove their bras and its staff only "lightly tapped (the) upper side of their breasts."

"Those who passed the medical checkup said they felt no shame in the process," the firm said in a statement, adding it was common for airlines to check if job seekers had tattoos or body implants.

But the move baffled industry peers and angered women's rights groups, which called the process unnecessary and intrusive.

A British Girl, Lucky Mecklenburgh (pic above) seems to say, Please Don't Touch My Breasts!! Well, she hates her short legs - but she likes her boobs.

Kim Da-Mi, a Seoul-based activist with the Sexual Violence Relief Centre, urged the state human rights agency to take action, telling AFP: "I wonder if such a practice is acceptable in Indonesia."

Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim-majority population.

"We've never heard of or done such checkup on flight attendants," said a spokesman for South Korea's flag carrier Korean Air, calling the Jakarta-based airline's tests "bizarre".

"I wonder if that means passengers with breast implants should not fly also," he told AFP.

Competition for flight attendant jobs is fierce in South Korea, where the role is seen as offering high pay and travel opportunities, and thousands of young women prepare for years before applying for vacancies.

Well, why Garuda?? The Airlines is banned from travelling to most part of the world including Europe and Asian countries, because of strict security and safety measures being implemented by the world aviation body.

This has something to do with air disasters and plane crashes involving Garuda airlines in recent years.

The shocking video above shows a Boeing 737-400 aircraft operated by Garuda Indonesia Flight 200, moments after it crashed and burst into flames at a paddy field, while attempting to land at Adisucipto International Airport on March 7, 2007 while flying from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Due to pilot error, the aircraft overshoot the runaway.

This exclusive footage was recorded by an Australian cameraman working for Seven Network who was among the passengers of the ill-fated flight. The Australian cameraman were among a number of Australian media members covering the official visit of then Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer.

The flight was carrying 133 passengers and 7 crews.

21 passengers and 1 crew member were killed; among those killed were Australian Federal Police agents Brice Steele and Mark Scott, Australian Embassy staffers Liz O'Neill (public relations officer) and Allison Sudradjat (Minister Counsellor and Senior Representative of AusAID), and Australian Financial Review newspaper journalist Morgan Mellish.

Both the captain and the first officer survived and were admitted to an Indonesian military hospital.

The pilot, Captain Muhammad Marwoto Komar, claimed that there was a sudden downdraft immediately before the flight landed, and that the flaps on the aircraft may have malfunctioned.

On 11 April 2007, Indonesia's National Safety Transport Committee released a preliminary finding into the crash, confirming that Garuda Flight 200 was travelling at around 410 km/h - almost twice the normal speed - when it came in to land.

A Garuda Pilots' Association official has speculated that the captain could have been trying to save fuel due to a new fuel conservation bonus scheme recently introduced by Garuda Airlines.

On October 22, 2007, the official enquiry blamed the crash on pilot error. The captain ignored the plane’s automated warning system as it sounded alarms 15 times. He also ignored calls from the co-pilot to go around and make another approach.

On 4 February 2008 the captain of flight 200, Marwoto Komar, was arrested and charged with 6 counts of manslaughter.

The co-pilot testified that he had told the captain to go around for a second landing attempt, because of excessive speed, but was ignored.

On 6 April 2009, the captain was found guilty of negligence and sentenced to 2 years in jail.

Despite all evidence pointing towards severe pilot error, the captain's conviction was quashed by the Indonesian High Court on September 29, 2009 and i don't know wether Captain Marwoto Komar is back flying aircrafts!!!

Since 1950, Garuda Indonesia airlines has had 14 major accidents.

The managing director of the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, Peter Harbison, stated that the major accidents in Indonesian aviation history were all caused by the combinations of airports' and fleets' low safety standards and the poor weather conditions in the area, including severe thunderstorms and other forms of inclement weather.

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