Friday, July 22, 2011

13 year old school girl had sex with 3 boys in exchange for cigarette

Craigie High School is an ordinary school in the sleepy town of Dundee, Scotland.

The school rarely attracts attention till one fine day in January 2011.

Allegation that a 13 year old girl in that school who had sex with three older boys of the same school in exchange for a cigarette, shocked Dundee, shocked Scotland and shocked Great Britain.

What????????? Sex with 3 boys in exchange for a mere one cigarette????? If the sex was in exchange for USD100,000 or a 24 karat diamond ring, then it made sense.

What was in the 13 year old girl mind???

Sex with 3 boys in exchange for a very cheap cigarette is bizzare, insane, incredibly foolish and unbelieveable.

This happened in Scotland, Great Britain, a developed country and not in Zulu, Masai, East Timor, Swaziland, Somalia, North Korea, India, Afghanistan or other poor countries.

The bizzare sex case had been investigated by Scotland police and i didn't know the latest outcome.

It is alleged that the shocking encounter was filmed on a phone and detectives are studying video images.

A source close to the case said: "The claims are very disturbing and the school is in a state of shock.

"The allegations are that the boys, who are all older, took the girl to a flat near the school.

"She is then meant to have been offered a single cigarette in exchange for extreme sexual activity.

"The school became aware when it started to get talked about in the playground. The girl is distraught."

Craigie High, which has 788 pupils, is in Dundee's Mid Craigie area.

To make matter worse, the incident was discussed online via Facebook and Twitter despite a gagging order imposed by school authority on all students of the school, not to openly discuss the investigation online.

Apparently the girl's name became one of the top 10 "trending topics" on Twitter in the Tayside area.

Scores of references to the incident were also posted on Facebook. Many were insulting to the girl.

Poor Young Girl.

Let this be a lesson to all Girls out there, don't follow blindly what other boys told you to do especially if it involves sex.

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