Monday, July 11, 2011

TV Car causes horrific crash at the 2011 Tour de France

Tour de France is the most prestigious bicycle race tournament in the world.

To ensure the smooth and successful running of Tour de France, the organizers planned everything meticulously and carefully to ensure an incident free tournament.

However, accidents do happened no matter how careful we organized things.

In the ongoing 2011 Tour de France, riders Johnny Hoogerland and Juan Antonio Flecha, part of a five-man breakaway battling for victory, were hit by Euro Media vehicle during the 208km stage from Issoire to Saint-Flour in the Massif Central on Sunday, 10th July 2011.

The accident happened when the TV car tried to overtake the riders along a narrow road.

The impact caused one rider to be thrown off the road, onto the fields.

Despite nasty-looking injuries, Flecha and Hoogerland got back up to finish the stage, although they trailed home over 16 minutes off the pace.

As a result of the accident, furious Tour de France organisers have thrown a French television car off the race.

Who was at fault?? Clearly the driver of the TV car. Maybe he was drunk?? Or poor judgement??

From my observations, they were just too many non-bikers and non-racers vehicles on the narrow road, and therefore obstructing the riders.

The organizers must limit the number of vehicles or use only motorcycles alongside the bikers.

Don't use cars as they are too big and causes danger to the bikers.

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