Monday, July 11, 2011

Lady Gaga Performs ‘Born This Way’ With 10-Year-Old YouTube Sensation, Maria Aragon

The stage was set for Lady Gaga to finally perform the hit song "Born this way" together with the 10 year old internet sensation Maria Aragon.

Maria Aragon found fame after Lady Gaga tweeted that she (Maria) is the future star, after Gaga watched Maria's own rendition of "Born This Way" on Youtube.

YouTube star Maria Aragon joined Lady Gaga on stage at her concert in Toronto, Canada on 3rd March 2011 to perform ‘Born This Way ’ live in front of a sold-out crowd.

Ten-year-old ‘Lady Maria from Winnipeg’ who is half Filipino and half Canadian, played a cover of the song at home and the clip (almost 28 million views so far!) impressed Lady Gaga so much she requested a duet.

“I’m really excited that Maria is here today, because Maria represents what this song is all about. It’s all about the next generation and the future and no more divisiveness,’ Gaga told the audience referring to song ‘Born This Way’.

The 24-year-old Lady Gaga was in tears after the young performer left the stage.

Maria Aragon is half Filipino and she is not the only young Filipino who captivated the global music audience.

Another young Filipino sensation is none other than Charice Pempengco who caught the attention of Celine Dion when she was just 14.

How come Filipino sang so well??

Maybe because they were "Born This Way"!!

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