Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thailand guy who fries chicken with his bare hands

Call this bizzare and crazy.

A 50 year old man from Chiang Mai, Thailand is perhaps made from Asbestos, for he can't be burned with hot water or hot cooking oils.

Infact, he is a celebrity in Thailand for his ability to evade heat.

He demonstrated his super human and superman skill by frying chickens using his bare hands!!

Soaking his hands inside the superhot cooking oils is not a problem to him and he walks away without pain and without getting burned.

Kann ‘Superhands and Ironhands’ Trichan, the 50-year-old cook from Chiang Mai, Thailand, discovered his gift seven years ago when a squirrel dropped a mango into a pan next to him, splashing boiling fat all over him and yet nothing happened to him.

Kann should work as a fireman instead..

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