Monday, July 11, 2011

Deranged China man beats up wife in public

A sad day happened to a poor Chinese wife on July 4th 2011 around noon in the Zhejiang province Jinhua City on Hepanqiao Road, China.

A man went beserk and violently beat that poor woman who is his wife in full view of the public.

Nobody came to the poor wife's aid, no police came and none tried to intervene to stop the savage beatings.

First the mad and stupid and lack of education deranged husband elbowed down his wife, then he used his palm to repeatedly slap his already fallen wife’s face, continuing on to viciously kick her with his foot, and finally pulling his wife’s by her hair for several meters.

After raining punches and slaps on his helpless wife, the man satisfied his uncontrollabe anger while the poor woman cried profusely.

This man whom i should call the bastard stupid Chinaman from Anhui later told some people that they are from Anhui and have come out to work as migrant workers.

This devil husband said his wife wouldn’t listen, that in the process of applying for the job, they only needed one working certificate but his wife insisted on the two of them applying together, so he hit her.

Plain stupid and no education husband.!!!

To me, if that bastard stupid Chinaman from Anhui really wants to beat somebody, then i hereby list down some real tough opponents.

Please fell free to choose any one of these guys and fight them like a real man. That stupid bastard Chinaman from Anhui really deserves a chainsaw in the ass.!!

God bless that poor wife, i wonder what happened to her now. Will the savage and vicious beatings continues??? Hope the China police arrest this man and lock him in prison for maybe 2,000 years or 2 weeks jail will do (without food and water of course).

So to That Stupid Bastard Chinaman from Anhui, i hereby challenge you to pick up any one of these guys below and fight and see what will happen to you the next day.!!!!!

The stupid bastard Chinaman can test his strength with Dorian Yates, the 6 times Mr Olympia champion.. Yates is as strong as steel!!!

Or try fighting Lee Haney, the 8 times Mr Olympia champion. One punch from Haney will send the stupid Chinaman from Anhui flying back to China from Los Angeles!!

If that stupid bastard Chinaman from Anhui really wants a real hammering, then try Brock Lesnar, the 3 times WWE world wrestling champion. His finishing move is the F5, head first struck at lightining speed to the ground.

If that Chinaman wants to die fast, then mess with the Animal and Hawk of the Road Warriors, the undisputed wrestling champion of the world. The Road Warriors's finishing move was the memorable the Top Rope Powerslam!!!

The Warlord is a 323 pounds and 6 foot 5 inches deadly strong wrestler. He can finish you off with a full Nelson lock or a running powerbomb equivalent to the atomic bomb that pounded Hiroshima in 1945!!!

Goldberg is a 280 pound super wrestler, he boasted a consecutive wins record of 173-0 in WCW. His finishing moves are the Spear and Jackhammer!!! Many wrestlers were sent to hospital after brawling with Goldberg and i am sure that mad Chinaman from Anhui will spend 500 days in hospital if he messes with Goldberg.

Not even Hulk Hogan can beat the Ultimate Warrior in Wrestlemania VI. Ultimate Warrior who weighed 280 pounds at the height of his career is so strong that he once lifted and slammed the 500 pounds Andre the Giant easily in one memorable match before finishing off the Giant with his finishing move, Gorilla Press Slam.!!

Batista is 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs a collosal 290 pounds. He is a 6 times world wrestling heavyweight champion with WWE. Mess with him and you will be doomed with the Batista Bomb!!!

The Batista Bomb... what if that mad Chinaman from Anhui gets Batista-Bombed??? I would very much like to see that...

To hell with that stupid bastard Chinaman from the Hell of Anhui..

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