Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Riyo Mori, Miss Japan who became Miss Universe in 2007

At the 2007 Miss Universe pageant in Mexico, Riyo Mori became only the second Japanese woman to win the Miss Universe title.

The first Miss Universe winner from Japan was Akiko Kojima, 48 years earlier in the 1959 Miss Universe pageant in Long Beach, California, USA.

Mori is the eleventh Asian woman to win the pageant, the most recent being Lara Dutta of India who was Miss Universe 2000.

Mori was the third Japanese woman to have been placed in the top five at Miss Universe in the past decade.

Miyako Miyazaki placed fourth runner-up at Miss Universe 2003, and Mori's predecessor Kurara Chibana was first runner-up in 2006.

Mori aims to use her success and popularity as a springboard into humanitarian causes. "I think I have a samurai soul, I'm very patient, and I can serve others."

After the success of Akiko Kojima and Riyo Mori, no Japanese women managed to emulate their success.

Could it be Miss Universe 2012 and so on?? Only God knows.

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