Monday, July 18, 2011

Xiaxue, the cute and sexy Singapore's top blogger with blonde hair and blue eyes

She is Singapore's top blogger and top in Asia as well.

With Total visits of 60,073,958 or 60 millions as of today 19th July 2011, she is in fact one of the top bloggers in the world.

And as of today, her blog recorded 40,700 average visits per day and 49,390 page views per day. Her page views total is a whopping 75,993,770 or close to 76 million as of today 19th July 2011.

She started blogging since 2003 and has since won many awards including Singapore's top blogger 2003, Asian best weblog 2004 and 2005, Asia Pacific Blog Awards winner, Most Influential Blog and Best Original Blog Design.

Who is she?

Well she is none other than Wendy Cheng or Xiaxue whose blog is

She is of Asian origin and yet she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is already married to American engineer Mike Sayre... Sorry Guys.

Most of the time, she blogs about herself and her trips to locations around the world.

She also blogs about daily life in Singapore.

And the way she writes and her cute looks, make her blog popular as ever.

One lesson i learnt about her is that, don't mess with her. If she is pissed off, she can be a mean girl. One of her blog entries read like these :

If you want to touch me, sorry, you have to work on it just like everyone else.

And don't give me stupid excuses like I deserve to be molested coz I wear skimpy clothes. The next time I hear a guy say that, I will grab his balls and pull them off, I swear. Then I'll tell him he deserves it coz he has balls.!!!

I swear your Singaporeans are the biggest hypocrites EVER. People say they use handicapped toilets, you get angry - when I swear you use it yourself. People say they don't wanna dance with foreign workers, you also get angry. You like them so much, you go suck their cocks lar. Read my blog for what. Fuck off.!!

Wowww what an iron lady!!!

I always read her blog and i notice that she looks quite differently in between posts.

Here are a few examples.

But to me Xiaxue is cute and petite and i like cute and petite girl.!!!

Don't be angry Xiaxue..

This is Xiaxue in 2005, as beautiful and cute as ever

Xiaxue in 2011, look at her cute brown eyes

Xiaxue with natural eyes

Xiaxue with blue sapphire eyes?? Well to me, she looks pretty no matter what colour her eyes are.... All the best Girl...

Xia Xue latest look on September 2012


Anonymous said...

She is also widely and intensely hated by Singaporeans for her bitchy attitude.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Thanks for the comment on Xia Xue Anonymous.... but to me Xia Xue is sexy... and i love her looks and personality....

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