Sunday, November 13, 2011

Abdullah Rikki, the most hated name in Sabah for rape and assault of a local woman

Bad hats Indonesian >>> GO HOME!!!

A 23-year-old Indonesian labourer, by the name of Abdullah Rikki became the most hated name in Sabah, Malaysia in August 2011.

The bastard from Indonesia not only assaulted a local 21 year old Sabahan Malaysian woman, but also brutally raped her.

The sad and shocking incident happened at 6pm on August 12, 2011 in the bushes of the rubber estate in Telipok Ria.

The Bastard Abullah Rikki was jailed 14 years and ordered given five strokes of the cane by the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court.

Magistrate Amir Shah Amir Hassan, who sat as a Sessions Court judge, handed the sentence under Section 376(2)(a) of the Penal Code, which provides for a jail term of between five years and 30 years, and whipping, on conviction.

However if i were the judge, i will send Abdullah Rikki to 100 years in jail and 500 strokes of the cane!!! Or just shoot him and send him to hell straight away!!

"The punishment imposed must be seen as a deterrent sentence and lesson to the accused as well as other would-be wrong doer in the future to think twice before committing the same offence," said Amir.

"In order to commit the crime, the accused pulled the victim's hair from behind, covered her mouth and strangled her until she lost consciousness before raping her."

Amir said a rehabilitative sentence should be imposed on Abdullah based on the said facts.

Earlier, during mitigation, Abdullah, who was not represented, applied for leniency, saying that he has two children and a wife to look after. What the hell is that??

Assistant Superintendent of Police Sabrina Jinius, however, asked for a deterrent sentence submitting that the seriousness of the offence as grounds.

She also said the court must take into account the injuries suffered by the victim.

Abdullah was arrested on August 17, 2011 following a police report lodged by the victim.

The court ordered Abdullah to be referred to the Immigration Department after serving his jail sentence.

Indonesian badhats and Bad Ass>>>> GO HOME!!!!


Rungitom said...

I want to take a big hammer, spread his legs and slam the hell out of his genitals.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Rungitom.. i will do the same... Shame on Indonesian badhats, bad ass and criminals.. We dont see Malaysians going to Indonesia and rape their women.. only Indonesian and Filipino do that crimes in Malaysia.. To hell with them.. how i wish Sabah is far away from Indonesia and Filipina.. say Sabah is located near England...

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