Monday, November 14, 2011

Beware Facebook users, the devils are now Internet Savvy and can connect with you!!

USERS of social media sites should not post their pictures online as they could be used for witchcraft, said a Malaysian Islamic scholar.

Kelantan Darussyifa' Islamic Medicine Association chairman Zaki Ya said that djin (spirits) are able to “connect” with humans through the Internet, including Facebook, Malaysian media reported on Tuesday 15 November 2011.

“Once, I treated someone who became delirious because a spell had been cast on him while he was surfing the Internet,” said Zaki.

“A few days ago, I received an SMS (Short Messaging Services) from a father asking me to help his son who refused to go to school.

“The father suspected that his son had been influenced by a djin over the Internet,” he said when met at the USM Traditional Islamic Medicine Clinic in Penang.

He said the boy would create a fuss every time his parents forbade him from using the Internet and would even threaten to kill himself.

Zaki added that although he had not met the boy, he is confident that the Darussyifa' Islamic Treatment centre could “heal” him.

So folks beware, nowadays even the Devils are internet Savvy..!!!

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