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Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak appeals for kidnapped boy, Nayati Moodliar

Updated 10th May 2012

Wanted. These 2 men are high on the wanted list. They were suspected of kidnapping 12 year old Nayati Shanelin Moodliar on 27th April 2012 and released after 6 days on 3rd May 2012. If you saw this 2 men, please inform the Police immediately. Police are seeking the help of Jan Yin Jiang (left) and Lee Phak Seng @ Seng Chai in their investigations into the kidnapping of Nayati Shamelin Moodliar.

Nayati Moodliar, 12, of South African and Dutch parentage was kidnapped while on his way to Mont Kiara International School on Friday morning, 27th April 2012. He was released safely on 3rd May 2012, at a Rest and Recreation area in Rawang, Selangor after a RM300,000 ransom was paid by his parents to the kidnappers. Nayati was believed held in a house in Chemor, Perak.

Updated 10th May 2012, 7 days after Nayati was released by his kidnappers.

The New Starits Times Press reported that the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Nayati Shamelin Moodliar has fled to Europe.

The 24-year-old flew out of Kuala Lumpur International Airport on May 5, two days after Nayati was released, on a Paris-bound flight.

Police here have now sought the help of Interpol in tracking down the suspect.

They are looking for Jan Yin Jiang from Taman Segar, Cheras, and Lee Phak Seng @ Seng Chai, from Taman Suntex, Cheras.

Federal CID director Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin said six of the duo's accomplices were nabbed in Chemor, Ipoh and Cheras, here, by a special task force earlier this week.

The six, including a woman, between the ages of 19 and 40, are locals who were not related or known to the victim and his family. Bakri said not all were directly involved but were with the suspects at the time of the arrests.

"We believe at least five people were in the group that planned and executed the kidnap."

The task force also recovered RM48,000, believed to be part of the RM300,000 ransom paid by Nayati's parents, and the car which was used in the kidnapping.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspects were friends, with previous convictions for petty crimes. This was believed to be their first kidnap.

It was learnt that after the kidnap on April 27, the group had split up and gone separate ways. Each member had a specific task. Two were tasked with kidnapping the boy, one with negotiating with his parents, one to pick up the ransom and the others to look after him.

Nayati was believed to have been taken to a rented house in Chemor where he was held for six days.

Unlike in previous kidnap cases, the culprits here had contacted Nayati's family through a specially set up Facebook profile. It was learnt that all negotiations and demands were made through this social networking site.

The ransom was dropped off at an undisclosed location in Cheras on May 2. Within hours, the boy was released at the Rawang rest area along the North-South Expressway. It was learnt that police managed to track down the group through the IP address on one of the laptops used to contact Nayati's family. The laptop was found when police made the first round of arrests in Ipoh on Monday, 7th May 2012.

Bakri said the case had not followed the normal standard operating procedure of a kidnap investigation as it had received wide publicity from the very moment Nayati was kidnapped.

First, it was text messages and tweets describing the car, the two kidnappers and the boy. That was followed by Nayati's parents holding a press conference within hours of the incident, and on the same day, hundreds of posters of the missing boy were plastered all around the Klang Valley.

Bakri said this was a special case as the victim was a foreigner and the incident received wide coverage in many countries, including the Netherlands, Britain and South Africa. Police said there was no specific reason why Nayati was targeted. They believed that the kidnappers had targeted students of Mont Kiara International School, which is in an upmarket area.

Nayati, whose parents are expatriates, stays in a nearby condominium. He usually walked to school alone. His father, Sham Moodliar is a senior consultant in a management company, while his mother, Janice, is a housewife. Nayati has a younger sister.

My earlier blog post when Nayati was still being held by the kidnappers.

As reported by APF.

Kuala Lumpur – The kidnapping of 12-year-old Nayati Moodliar (picture above) has drawn the attention of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. The boy, with dual South African and Dutch nationality, was snatched outside his school near Kuala Lumpur on Friday, 27 April 2012.

Najib used Twitter to make his plea, saying: "I appeal as a father for Nayati not to be harmed in any way."

He also tweeted he had instructed police chief Ismail Omar to investigate the incident.

Local police chief Wan Abdul Bari said police were taking the incident very seriously.

"I can confirm we have received a report [of the kidnapping]. Investigations [are] still on. We view such incidents very seriously," he said.

Nayati Moodliar was walking to his Mont Kiara International School located in a posh suburb near the capital Kuala Lumpur when he was kidnapped by two men who bundled him into a car on Friday, 27 April 2012.

On Monday, 30th April 2012, the Moodlier family posted on Facebook that Nayati’s whereabouts were still unknown.

"We have received a lot of very good suggestions and advice from everyone who e-mailed/PM us. We are truly grateful and thankful.

"As for offerings of their well wishes and prayers, we also welcome them and we feel truly blessed and touched by them."

The family appealed to the public for information saying anyone with information or suggestions should send e-mail them at

God bless this family.

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